About the Designer

First Impressions

The story of Elektra Jewelry Design intertwines with my own experiences. This story begins with my first visit to Greece, country of my ancestors, at the tender age of 15. While I enjoyed immersing myself in the wonderful Mediterranean culture, I was particularly drawn to the classical style of the jewelry I found — and elated to discover its price fit my minimal budget. I returned stateside not with the usual trinkets and souvenirs, but a suitcase full of turquoise scarab rings and wonderful filigree gold bracelets. 

My friends and family were delighted with their gifts. Although I couldn’t describe the feeling then, I realize that’s when Elektra Jewelry Design was born. 


Teaching and Tinkering

Fast-forward a few years. I was teaching full time and selling handmade jewelry online at my etsy shop. My time was pretty scarce. And my computer skills? Well, let’s just say my strength was jewelry. Still, I stuck with it, and soon my days and nights were filled with designing new pieces, photographing them, and learning the nuances of an online business. That feeling I experienced as a 15-year-old abroad remained with me and I became serious about handmade jewelry that is beautiful and affordable.

Elektra Jewelry Design | Classic and Timeless


Today, everything showcased at Elektra Jewelry Design is handmade by me alone in my small studio at home.  My sources allow me to directly import gemstones from India and pearls from China. I have purchased Murano glass both in Murano, Italy and through trusted sources here in the states. I offer handmade jewelry crafted from the finest quality gemstones, pearls, Murano glass, gold filled , gold vermeil, and sterling silver materials. 

There’s no doubt today’s woman craves something which enhances her individual beauty. Whether this gift is for you , a young graduate, a bride, or special engagement, you can be assured you will purchase a truly unique and quality piece of wearable art.